The 13 tips for better baby sleep

Baby sleep is probably one of the main topics that new parents (have to) deal with. Babies are as individual as their sleep patterns.

Table of contents:

1. Day-night rhythm: What is it?
2. The right sleeping position
3. Adjusting the sleeping environment
4. Correctly interpreting signs of tiredness in good time
5. Safety is the top priority
6. Security through confinement
7. Not to be underestimated: Routine and rituals
8. Mum, where are you?
9. Sleeping aids: Baby carrier, spring cradle, exercise ball and co.
10. Suck, suck, suck
11. Relax!
12. The baby wakes up, and now?
13. When nothing else helps: white noise

Baby sleep is probably one of the main topics that new parents (have to) deal with. Babies are as individual as their sleep patterns. There is one extreme: "I then fall asleep comfortably under the play sheet, you can lift me up and put me to bed and I only wake up when I'm hungry" or the other extreme: "Carry to sleep, jump, weigh? Preferably everything together and if you're lucky, I'll fall asleep after 3 hours for 30 minutes". And in between there are umpteen other sleep patterns that babies bring with them. Basically, this means that there are no step-by-step instructions on how the baby calms down, falls asleep and, at best, sleeps through the night. However, there are some remedies, techniques and tips that can be applied and individually adapted to the needs. In the next few weeks we would therefore like to deal with the 13 wombastic tips for better baby sleep and offer you a little help.

1. Day-night rhythm, what is it?

When the babies are born, they don't know any regular sleeping times, they don't know what day and night are. We show you how you can bring your little ones closer to the rhythm.

2. The right sleeping position

Supine, side lying, stomach sleepers. Which position is the right one? We analyze the right sleeping position for you.

3. Adjustment of sleeping environment

This article is about the sleeping space of babies and how the right equipment of the bed should look like.

4.Correctly interpreting signs of tiredness in good time

When is a baby tired? What are the signs? Should I implement fixed bedtimes or when do I put a baby to bed? We answer these questions for you.

5. Safety is the top priority

We tell you what dangers lurk in sleep and what role sudden infant death syndrome plays in this.

6. Security through limitation 

It was so nice and tight in mom's stomach. Many children miss this narrowness. The solution: recreate the feeling of security from the womb through various techniques - by swaddling or the wombi.

7. Not to be underestimated: Routine and rituals

Giving the babies an orientation, this is done through various rituals and a general routine. It conveys security and thus makes it easier to fall asleep.

8. Mom, where are you?

Anchored in babies' minds: Mama and I are one! If mom is gone, then I'm imperfect. It is not surprising that closeness and physical contact help to fall asleep.

9. Sleeping aids: baby carrier, spring cradle, exercise ball and co.

There are a number of techniques that can help you fall asleep. Often it is movement or tightness or, best of all, a combination of both. We'll answer which ones there are.

10. Suck, suck, suck

Nothing is more reassuring for babies than suckling. We will check for you how this reflex helps you to sleep.

11. Relax!

Relaxed parents, relaxed children, relaxed sleep. Easier said than done. In this post we will help you to find your way back to relaxation and what you can do if it doesn't work.

12. The baby wakes up, now what?

Babies wake up at night for a variety of reasons – it’s completely normal. What you can do when your baby wakes up at night and you don't know what to do, we'll tell you.

13. When all else fails: white noise

It was loud in the womb and the blood rushed constantly. Incomprehensible to us adults, but such noise can actually help babies to sleep well.


Who I am?

About me: I'm Eva, 29 years old and I'm part of the Wombambino team. I am a mom of one son, his name is Leon and he was born on August 4th, 2017. When Leon was younger, I was a customer at Wombambino myself. We used our Wombi to slowly unpack. Unfortunately, Leon was a bad sleeper and we actually had very difficult times. Until he was about eight months old, sleeping was a real feat, Leon was generally very demanding. I would have been grateful for a few helpful tips on sleeping back then. The topic of sleep accompanies us with the little ones for quite a long time and there are many ups and downs. Leon is sleeping great today, but up until then it was a rocky road.

In the next 13 posts, I would like to explain the individual tips for better sleep in principle with their advantages and, if necessary, also disadvantages. However, my own experience should also be part of the posts, so I would also like to give you an insight into my life with a child (and their sleeping habits), since theory and practice - especially with babies - often differ from each other. I've tried almost every tip that there is at all - so I can give my two cents to everything 😉