Was soll ich meinem Baby unter dem Wombi Babyschlafsack anziehen?

What should i wear under the Wombi? 

We get asked this question again and again, via email or messages via Facebook and Instagram. And if you were expecting a final, perfect answer, then unfortunately I have to disappoint you. But feel comforted, because even we as Wombi founder are no different with our currently 16-week-old daughter Emma.

In the beginning we stood for minutes next to our little one's wardrobe and thought back and forth which of the countless bodies we should put on her. And, of course, my wife and I didn't always agree on this, which may well be due to the nature of the different heat perceptions between men and women.

But let's get to the point. In the picture you can see our little Emma with one of our thicker winter Wombis, the elephant Wombi in pink. She wears a romper underneath and a light sleeping bag over it. We would also have a thicker one that is properly lined. But since we never felt that she was cold and Emma never complained, we stuck with the thinner sleeping bag. It's 17-18.5 degrees in our bedroom at night.

We chose the whole thing because it is always advisable to approach the optimal clothing for the night with a little less clothing than if you wrap the child up much too warmly and have sweaty hands at night when you check the temperature of the child in the neck checked. So it can happen 1-2 nights that the child wakes up more often and starts crying because it is too cold. But you can sleep relatively quickly with a thicker sleeping bag or an additional body (e.g. short-sleeved body) and you know how to dress the child for the next few nights at its usual bedroom temperatures.

Of course, you never want your child to be cold and certainly not to cry because they are too cold. But since one of the main risks that seems to be responsible for cot deaths according to the latest studies is overheating in babies, 1-2 more restless nights was a more acceptable risk for us.

A mother and customer of ours, who herself offers first aid courses for parents of babies, once described it to us briefly and concisely: “Babies who are too cold wake up and just cry. And certainly no baby has ever frozen to death in a German bedroom. But when an infant gets too warm, it becomes lethargic and tired. It exhausts the child and its circulatory system, whereby the children usually never cry, but rather become lethargic and sleepy. And in the worst case, it can ultimately lead to health risks.”

We personally got along quite well with this approach and our little Emma just sleeps great in her Wombis. 🙂

We'd love to hear your thoughts on this and look forward to your comments!


Many greetings

by Wombambino