Family pediatric nurse

Karina Dürr

Hello, my name is Karina! I am a family pediatric nurse, breastfeeding and sleep consultant for babies and toddlers. As a mother of 3 children, I know how challenging the topic of sleeping with babies and toddlers is.

I would be happy to show you how you can support the quality of bonding with your child, how to read your baby, why babies cry and I will explain to you the basics of baby and toddler sleep.

The basis for my consulting work is always the loving, commitment- and needs-oriented approach. I take into account the child's needs for food, safety, physical contact and much more. - according to his level of development - and of course I also take the needs of the parents into account.

If you are looking for sensitive and competent support to overcome the challenges of sleeping, then I would be happy to accompany you. Follow me on Instagram @familien.bindings.zeit or visit my website .

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