• Safety & security

    Our Wombi is a unique closed baby sleeping bag. The hands and feet are in a cover and thus modeled on the natural environment of the amniotic sac.

  • Full freedom of movement

    thanks to the wide design and stretchy fabrics. To support your baby's development and journey of discovery.

  • High flexibility thanks to fold-over sleeves

    Fold-over sleeves give you the opportunity to adapt the Wombi to any situation. This means your child can grab everything and pursue their natural urge to move.

  • No scratching, no rubbing and pleasantly warm

    Closed hands protect against scratching and avoid rubbing your baby awake. The Wombi also keeps the baby pleasantly warm in the Indian winter.

The proven helper for you and your baby

The solution for mothers who want to improve their baby's sleep or stop them from swaddling.

  • My baby doesn't fall asleep or hardly sleeps through the night

    Our baby sleeping bag is closed. Thanks to the resistance on the hands and feet, it gives your little one a feeling of security and safety even while they sleep, which demonstrably means that your child wakes up less often.

  • My baby constantly scratches or rubs himself awake

    With the arms closed, your child can no longer scratch their face. This can prevent painful wounds, especially in children with neurodermatitis.

  • My baby is having a hard time breaking the swaddle habit.

    By combining limitation and freedom of movement, our baby sleeping bag offers the ideal solution for the natural transition from swaddling to free sleep.

Product Guarantee: Better baby sleep in 30 nights, or your money back

We and our customers are convinced of our product! That's why we give you our quality promise: If your child still doesn't sleep better after 30 nights , we'll be happy to refund your money.

Compliance with German quality standards

The health of your baby and you is important to us. That's why we only use tested fabric quality according to Oeko-Tex®, OCS 100 or GOTS for our products - for safe, feel-good moments with your loved ones.

The health of your baby and you is important to us. That's why we only use tested fabric quality according to Oeko-Tex®, OCS 100 or GOTS for our products - for safe, feel-good moments with your loved ones.

The health of your baby and you is important to us. That's why we only use tested fabric quality according to Oeko-Tex®, OCS 100 or GOTS for our products - for safe, feel-good moments with your loved ones.

The health of your baby and you is important to us. That's why we only use tested fabric quality according to Oeko-Tex®, OCS 100 or GOTS for our products - for safe, feel-good moments with your loved ones.

Recommended by Germany's leading mothers, baby doctors and sleep consultants

Frau die Baby in den Armen hält

"Hello dear Wombambino team, I am completely thrilled!!! Since we got the great Wombambino for our Lisa (6 months), we can finally ban the swaddle. We were really at a loss [...] because without it we couldn't think of sleeping. Now it's finally working and we're overjoyed [...]"

Andrea and her little Lisa

"Our Wombi is sooo popular, we all love him... he has already crept in as a bedtime ritual. Our little one finally doesn't sweat on the neck and even sleeps through the night since she has the Wombi. The legroom when standing is also very practical. I can enthusiastically recommend him as a gynecologist and mother with a clear conscience.”

Gynecologist Narin Güzel

"Without Wombi, little Ben wouldn't be able to sleep at all. After he always freed himself from the pucksack, we were very desperate [...] once a Wombi - always a Wombi. My insider tip to all sleepless parents whose children no longer want to be swaddled"

Vanessa and her little Ben

I recommend the Wombi in my 4-month regression course as a smooth transition from swaddle to sleeping bag and I get great feedback from my participants. I also like to use the Wombi privately: my 8-month-old son sleeps wonderfully in it - both during the day and at night.

Sleep Advisor Victoria from Kingababy

--- Over 35,000 families and sleep experts already trust us. ---

2-in-1 solution: The advantages of a swaddle bag and a classic baby sleeping bag combined in one product

  • swaddle bag

    Completely closed system to give the child the feeling of maximum security.

    ✖️ No freedom of movement

    ✖️ Hinders motor development

    ✖️ Unnatural limitation

    ✖️ Danger of baby rolling onto their stomach

    ✖️ Opens with many movements

  • Our Wombi baby sleeping bag

    The combination of resistance on the hands and feet and at the same time full freedom of movement.

    ✅ Full freedom of movement

    ✅ Safety and security

    ✅ Modeled on the natural environment of the womb

    ✅ Closed warm hands & feet

  • Open baby sleeping bag

    The classic baby sleeping bag with open hands (and feet) for maximum freedom of movement.

    ✖️ No feeling of security

    ✖️ Cooling down due to heat loss

    ✖️ Complicated to take off when changing diapers

    ✖️ Cold hands and feet

All advantages and features at a glance

  • Tested fabric quality

    All of our fabrics are certified according to Oeko-Tex®, OCS 100 or GOTS.

  • Breathable fabrics

    For summer we pay attention to thin, breathable fabrics. So that your child doesn't sweat even on the warm summer nights.

  • Two-way zipper

    The two-way zipper makes it easy to put the Wombi on and take it off. Changing diapers is also no problem.

  • Flexible turn-up sleeves

    The sleeves can be easily opened and closed again. This gives additional flexibility and lets you adapt the Wombi to any situation.

  • 30-night quality promise

    If your baby's sleep still doesn't improve after 30 days, we'll refund your money.

  • > 90% customer satisfaction

    Over 90% of our customers are demonstrably satisfied with our product.

  • German family business

    We are a German family business from the beautiful Upper Palatinate in Bavaria. Home and sustainability are important to us.

  • Protected design - only with us

    The closed design is only available from us! We have protected the concept across Europe.

Frequently asked Questions

Can my baby sleep on its stomach with the Wombi?

Yes, because our baby sleeping bag was specially designed to ensure full freedom of movement. Since the little ones can move their arms freely in the Wombi, they can roll onto their stomachs and back again at any time, which reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Can my baby still grab his pacifier or other objects with the Wombi?

Yes, because the hands are free in the Wombi and the material is not too thick, the little ones can easily reach through the material. In addition, small children do not think as complicatedly as we adults do when acting. They work with what they have and try to achieve their goal with it, for example the pacifier. With our fold-over sleeves, we also offer you the option of folding your closed hands over and turning them into open hands. This means your baby can grasp objects normally.

Is it easy to put on and take off?

Yes! With our unique design, we deliberately made sure that you can dress and undress your child very quickly. Our two-way zipper is a big advantage, especially when changing at night, as you can open the sleeping bag from the bottom up and the child doesn't have to completely take it off when changing the diaper. We know the situation when things have to happen quickly and know that small children can sometimes be impatient.

Can my child crawl/walk when wearing the Wombi?

Whether sleeping, crawling or running, everything is possible with our Wombi baby sleeping bag. The unique, protected design offers optimal freedom of movement for your baby. This means the little ones are not restricted and can explore the big world. Our Wombi supports your child in all phases of life.

However, if your child also wants to walk in the Wombi, we recommend putting stopper socks over the Wombi's feet, otherwise, depending on the surface, it can be very slippery and there is a risk of injury.

What if my child doesn’t like the baby sleeping bag?

We offer a 30-night test period in which you can easily test out the baby sleeping bag. If your baby still doesn't love our baby sleeping bag and doesn't sleep better after 30 days, we offer you the full money-back guarantee.

Further questions?

You can find further information about your questions on our FAQ page or by contacting us directly . We are happy :)